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Michael Civin, PhD - Educated Psychological Professional

September 24, 2019

Michael Civin, PhD

Earning a PhD requires time, hard work and determination. The desire to take on challenges head on is important as it is what will keep one motivated through their many years of schooling. In order to be a psychological professional, one must earn said PhD and then be ready to take on a career that includes ever developing methods and improving tactics. The field of mental health is one that is recently getting substantially more attention from the medical field than it ever has before and this is probably due to the rising suicide, stress and depression rates in first world countries.

Michael Civin, PhD has always been inspired to help people. He knew that being able to help bring mental stability to those in his community would be career that he could be proud of and that is why he set out to earn the education needed to accomplish this goal. He first attended Harvard College where he graduated in 1968 with his A.B. degree. He then worked hard in his undergraduate studies and earned the recognition of being donned with cumlaude honors. After finishing his bachelor’s degree, Michael Civin, PhD attended Albert Einstein College of Medicine from 1968-1969 as well as The University of Oregon which was where he earned his Masters of Arts degree in 1970. These educational degrees have helped him to help others.