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Dr. Michael Civin - Aimed to Help People

March 23, 2019

Dr. Michael Civin

It can be such a struggle just to process life when nothing out of the ordinary happens, let alone when life has a bump in the road. When one goes through a trauma or a major life change, it be overwhelming and even debilitating. These individuals can often need help wrapping their mind around these changes or events and a psychologist is just the right person to help them. Dr. Michael Civin has always aimed to help people through his practice. Because of this goal, he has made a point to always be open to taking on new patients. By doing this, he is able to better serve the New York/Bronx area.

Because of the tabu that up to recent years has followed the field of psychology, many heavily populated areas are underserved. When the field was first being developed, there was a lot of speculation as to its benefits and so the populous became at a detriment in the way of mental health service providers. Dr. Michael Civin understands this, and he works to help fill the gaps through his services. Dr. Michael Civin is qualified and skilled at performing a variety of tasks such as appointments, preventative care, and medical care as well as ongoing patient care. While it can be a hurdle to take that first step toward improving one’s mental health, Dr. Michael Civin is there to help.